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Jupiter Inlet Engagement Session!

Sarah and Nong's beautiful engagement session!

Photographer's Lingo

Photographer Lingo……What does it all mean?

Talking to a photographer can sometimes be confusing.  How do you know they are offering what you want, and not throwing around some fancy terms?  Below are some of the more common phrases you may hear when talking to photographers.

Engagement Session –

An Engagement Session is nothing more than the time for your engagement photos to be taken.  You may even hear it referred to as an E-Sesh.  Engagement sessions are wonderful times for you to work with your photographer.  You will each learn a little about each other, and become more comfortable with each, making the photos on your wedding day more relaxed and natural.  Many couples use these photos for their Save the Date cards, and their wedding website.

Bridal Portraits or Bridal Session -

These refer to a time for the Bride to be photographed in her dress, prior to the wedding day.  Many times this will be done along with a practice run of hair and makeup.  It allows the bride to have some photos taken of just her and the dress.

Digital or Film -

This refers to the type of camera the photographer uses.  While many photographers use only digital, a few still use film.  Digital cameras allow the photographer to have the results from photographing available immediately after the event.  They can begin processing your images and begin delivering very quickly.  If a photographer uses film, they will have to send the film away to be processed, before any work can be done.  This may take several days or weeks, before the images are available to the photographer.

First Look –

A First Look is an alternative to the traditional groom seeing the bride for the first time as she walks down the aisle.  At a First Look, the bride and groom will see each other, usually in a private location, or in an out of the way spot at your venue, prior to the ceremony.  This allows many photos to be taken prior to the ceremony, freeing up time after the ceremony to enjoy cocktail hour.  Bridal party photos as well as family photos can be scheduled at this time as well.

Shot List –

A Shot List is a list of photos you want to ensure your photographer captures.  This list is designed to ensure your photographer doesn’t miss anything you hold valuable about your day.  If you have a family heirloom that will be at the wedding, include that on the list.  You have hired a professional, so you don’t have to include photo you want.  They will get photos of the dress, your shoes, the rings, the groom, etc.  Include the 15-20 images that you have always wanted, and trust your photographer.


The style, or type, of photography a photographer captures is probably what drew you to them in the first place.  If you prefer a more candid look to photos, you probably will not want a photographer that shows only posed photos on their website and vice-a-versa

Artistic – 

An Artistic style will be a bit more edgy.  The photos may have different angles or perspectives.  The bride and groom may not be looking at the camera, or may be small in the overall photo with the scenery helping to tell the story.

Traditional – 

Traditional photography consists of a more posed, and classic look of photos.  They are the timeless photos that resemble the photos from your grandparents or parents.

Photo-Journalistic – 

A Photo-Journalistic style is very free flowing and natural.  The photographer captures candid and spontaneous pictures of people, decor and action without interjecting themselves.

Lifestyle – 

A Lifestyle photographer is a mix of all the above.  The will pose photos when necessary to ensure everything is preserved, but also remain invisible to capture the true experience.  A lifestyle photographer knows how to pose a couple to get the beautiful timeless images they will want in their home.  They also know to look for the moments as they occur.
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Juno Beach Photography specializes in capturing the details of your life and turning them into works of art. These details include everything from High School Seniors to Engagements to Weddings to Children, and every step along the way. 

Doug Maffett is a lifestyle photographer, based in Juno Beach, Florida. He has had a passion for photography for 15 years, and through the inspiration of his wife and son, turned his dream into a business. He has experience shooting the surfing community in Jupiter, FL, local sports leagues, local models, and couples around the Palm Beach and Martin county areas.

Doug’s photographic style uses natural light to capture the atmosphere and beauty of the setting. He loves making people feel comfortable and relaxed while shooting. This enables the experience before, during and after the event to be pleasurable and memorable!